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Board Assessments


Board Assessments

Strong board performance is vital to the success of every organization. PQC LLC recommends that organizations regularly benchmark their board’s oversight against leading governance practices. A board assessment is an opportunity for the board to reflect on its performance and ask, "How are we doing as a board?".


This survey will:

  • Provide insights on how the board assesses its current performance.

  • Benchmark the board's current performance against leading practices.

  • Provide a baseline to measure the improvement of governance.

The assessment questions are customizable and based on practices that characterize effective nonprofit board governance, divided into the following areas:  

  1. Board structure, policy making, and planning practices

  2. Fiscal management and fundraising practices

  3. Board committees

  4. Board meetings

  5. Board succession and development

  6. Board Effectiveness and Accountability

  7. Board and President & CEO relationship

  8. Board and staff relationship

  9. Open-ended governance questions

Confidentiality - Individual confidentiality is maintained with responses submitted directly to PQC LLC. Aggregate answers are shared via a summary report to the Nominating & Governance Committee Chair.

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