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Nonprofit Board Education 


Nonprofit Board Education 

Successful organizations invest in their leadership teams as a strategic imperative to meet the ever-increasing challenges of today's world. PQC LLC works with your organization to enhance your board members' capability to address emerging trends and leading practices in nonprofit governance.

PQC LLC leads and facilitates education sessions during nonprofit board retreats. The composition and delivery format are customized to meet your needs, learning goals, and objectives. Education sessions followed by 1:1 Executive Leadership Coaching to support leaders to ensure the high-level impact of educational sessions.

Topics for facilitation include:

  • Board roles and responsibilities

  • Board and staff relationship

  • Custom designed topics

As a result of the education session, board members will:

  • Discover tools and practices of exceptional boards and learn how to bring them into the boardroom.

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of key governance principles that distinguish exceptional boards.

  • Cultivate a shared understanding and appreciation that fosters mutual accountability and engagement around exceptional board practices.

  • Discuss and prioritize opportunities to implement lessons learned.

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