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Directors Academy
Nonprofit Board Education for Corporate Employees


Directors Academy is a custom, one-day board education session providing an overview of leading nonprofit governance practices.

During the session, participants will gain an understanding of the knowledge and tools necessary for effective nonprofit oversight that they can use as they bolster their professional development through service on nonprofit boards and representing your company in the marketplace. 

Following the session, PQC LLC provides five hours of 1:1 coaching with each cohort member to support their development as nonprofit board members while demonstrating the company's commitment to the sector.

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Directors Academy
Governance Review

Governance Reviews

PQC LLC conducts a customized Nonprofit Governance Review for organizations to benchmark their board’s oversight against leading governance practices. A thorough Nonprofit Governance Review consists of a review of your organization’s existing governance documents, policies, and procedures highlighting areas to optimize board performance based on leading practices. 

The process includes a:

  • Pre-project call with the CEO and Board Chair.

  • A comprehensive report of findings with recommendations.

  • Debrief call to summarize the nonprofit governance review and report.

  • Follow-up touchpoint six months post-project to assess implementation. 

Board Self-Assessment


 PQC LLC recommends that organizations regularly benchmark their board’s oversight against leading governance practices. A board self-assessment is an opportunity for the board to reflect on its performance and ask, "How are we doing as a board?".


This survey will:

  • Provide insights on how the board assesses its current performance.

  • Benchmark the board's current performance against leading practices.

  • Provide a baseline to measure the improvement of governance.

The assessment questions are customizable and based on practices that characterize effective nonprofit board governance, divided into the following areas:  

  1. Board structure, policy making, and planning practices

  2. Fiscal management and fundraising practices

  3. Board succession and development

  4. Board effectiveness and accountability

  5. Board and President & CEO relationship

  6. Board and staff relationship

  7. Open-ended governance questions

Confidentiality - Individual confidentiality is maintained with responses submitted directly to PQC LLC. Aggregate answers are shared via a summary report to the Chair of the Nominating & Governance Committee.

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Board Retreat Facilitation
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Board Education 

PQC LLC works with your organization to enhance your board members' capability to address emerging trends and leading practices in nonprofit governance.

PQC LLC leads and facilitates education sessions for nonprofit boards to ensure they are following leading governance practices.  The composition and delivery format are customized to meet your needs, learning goals, and objectives. Education sessions are followed by 1:1 Executive Leadership Coaching to support leadership's high-level impact on governance leading practices

Topics for facilitation include:

  • Board roles and responsibilities

  • Board and staff Partnerships

  • Culture and Dynamics

  • Custom designed topics


As a result of the education session, board members will:

  • Discover tools and practices of exceptional boards and learn how to bring them into the boardroom.

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of crucial governance principles that distinguish exceptional boards.

  • Cultivate a shared understanding and appreciation that fosters mutual accountability and engagement around exceptional board practices.

  • Discuss and prioritize opportunities to implement lessons learned.

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